As technology advances, people’s demand for electronic products has become increasingly as high as demands on the quality of the increase. In order to improve the competitiveness of their products and reduce the occurrence of defective products caused by the follow-up questions, one important way of all to test product quality is realizing reliability test. Using experiment to imitate all possibility in the product of actual use and to enhance environmental conditions in order to observe the products shown in the overall level. Different products have the reliability experience of its application; governments and industry have also made relevant regulations on this. The purpose is to ensure when the product input to the buyer, the product’s performance and appearance can meet consumer’s demand. All of reliable test, different experimental conditions defined by standard is not completely the same. But the final purpose is to improve the product life cycle, life and quality. When the environmental condition is affected by regular control, it will reduce the quality of exception handling time.

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1 KVrms at 60Hz, 1 minute between adjacent contacts.

1.5KVrms at 60Hz, 1 minute between shield and contacts.


Mate and unmated for 750 cycles at a rate of 20-30 cycles per minute without load.


2 contacts-1.6 kgf max.;4 contacts-1.8 kgf max.

6 contacts-2.1 kgf max.;8 contacts-2.3 kgf max.

10 contacts-2.5 kgf max.


At a temperature of 40 degree+/-2degree and relative humidity of 90% to 95% for 96 hours.


A good solder point, whether mechanical or electrical function can not go wrong in the productlife. We will observe The situation of the solder side to be stained with tin. Is the amount of tin well situated? or Is the solder side complete and smooth?